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About I Dress Myself
"What matters to kids, matters to us."
About I Dress Myself
When I was one year old, my mom started a company called Silver Icing. I am not sure exactly what Silver Icing is but I know they have a lot of women's clothes and my mom and her friends get really excited about them. By the time I was three we had a bunch of people who came to our basement every day and they would work on computers and wrap clothing in pretty tissue paper and put them in bags.

My favourite part of the day was when the Canada Post truck arrived and the people downstairs would bring up bins and bins of those bags to put in the truck. It was me and my sister's job to let them know when the truck arrived. I would watch at the window every day and we were always the first to notice since we are pretty good helpers. Eventually my mom and dad said there were too many people in the basement and they had to get a warehouse. I didn't really know what a warehouse was but it's actually really cool. Every time we visit, there are Timbits and sometimes I get to watch Netflix in the boardroom. It's pretty awesome.

About I Dress Myself Kids
Up until this year it was just my sister and I but in January of 2017 my mom had my new baby sister! She was so excited to join our family she came out a little too early and had to stay in the hospital for a long time. My mom went to the hospital every day to see her. One day my mom came home with a package of clothes, except this time they were kid's clothes! My mom told me someone named Bestseller sent her a present for having the baby and they told her that if she wanted to start a kids company she could sell the clothing that they sent her. My mom couldn't stop talking about how cute the clothes were and how she loved how it felt. She always told me that one day she would have a kids company so I said, why not now?!

Now I was a bit nervous at first, because if you don't know I am very picky with my clothes. Did you know they force you to do Criss-Cross Applesauce in Grade One? Now don't get me wrong, I love story time and show and tell but I really dislike uncomfortable pants that hurt the back of my knees when I sit cross-legged. My mom ALWAYS wants me to wear jeans but they drive me crazy. Well, in that package of clothes was a pair of trick pants. You know the kind, they look like one thing but are actually something else. My mom LOVED these pants because they looked just like the jeans she always trying to get me to wear, "they are so cute" she kept saying, try them on! I finally agreed and I couldn't believe it! They felt like sweat pants!!!
And it wasn't just the pants, I loved the shirts, the sweaters and the jackets! They were all soft and comfortable and I felt cool wearing them. Which is why I was so happy when my mom and dad told me we were going to start a new company called I Dress Myself and I would be able to get all of this clothing forever!!!...or at least until I'm 10 which is practically forever.
About I Dress Myself
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