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Doodle Vest
Name It to Win It, Product Feature
October 29, 2017

I Dress Myself Doodle Vest

It’s contest time…want to help us NAME IT TO WIN IT? Give naming this adorable puffer vest a try for your chance to WIN! This doodle vest comes in the colour shown in sizes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Enter your suggestion below by Monday, October 30th at 3pm (PST).

Find out the winning name when this product launches as a presale this week! The winner will get to select their choice of size in this cute puffer vest!

I Dress Myself - Win This Doodle Vest

This vest is awesome because it’s like all your best doodles came to life! Mom will love it because the puffy filling and hood will keep you warm, and she can zip you in and out easily. You’ll want one for every day of the week!

I Dress Myself - Win This Doodle Vest

Total Entries: 395
Congratulations to Tracy Dubois, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Drawing Attention Vest!
Doodling My Daydreams Vest
Lesley Skinner
 [10/30 3:01:25PM]

Playful Puffer Vest
Lesley Skinner
 [10/30 2:58:49PM]

Warm and Whimsical Vest
Lesley Skinner
 [10/30 2:56:36PM]

Colour me fun vest
Erica Ferris
 [10/30 2:53:13PM]

Creative and Cozy Vest
Lesley Skinner
 [10/30 2:52:25PM]

Cuddle bug vest
Erica Ferris
 [10/30 2:52:18PM]

Sweet tweet vest
Erica Ferris
 [10/30 2:51:24PM]

Etch and Sketch Vest
Lesley Skinner
 [10/30 2:47:46PM]

Creative Vibe Vest
Lesley Skinner
 [10/30 2:43:09PM]

Doodle Dandy Vest
Tesa Steinke
 [10/30 2:32:28PM]

Whoopsie Doodle
Tesa Steinke
 [10/30 2:30:44PM]

Doodle bug vest
Melissa jensen
 [10/30 2:20:26PM]

Take time to doodle vest
Tasha Mijinke
 [10/30 1:36:55PM]

Pipsqueak Puffer Vest
Breanne Waddell
 [10/30 1:32:54PM]

Color me doodles
Chelsea patenaude
 [10/30 1:21:36PM]

Love puff, puffy love, giggle puff
Renee Peters
 [10/30 1:10:58PM]

Oodles of doodles vest
Line Heuston hanley
 [10/30 12:34:58PM]

Tweedle Dee Dum Tweedle Dee Doodle Vest
Chantelle Falk
 [10/30 12:27:46PM]

Sweet Tweet or Doodle Daze or I draw myself
Lorelle D'Silva
 [10/30 12:26:28PM]

The world is my canvas
Angele Lascelle
 [10/30 12:01:02PM]

Color Me Mine Vest
Michelle Lyster
 [10/30 11:53:45AM]

Never enough colours vest
Kaarina dewan
 [10/30 11:40:45AM]

Catherine Morris
 [10/30 11:07:52AM]

Stay in the Lines Doodle Vest, Imagination Creation Vest, Doodle Bug Vest
Megan Curry
 [10/30 11:00:45AM]

Bundle-Up Birdie Playful Puffer Vest
Samantha Hebert
 [10/30 11:00:34AM]

Petite Picasso
Jody noel
 [10/30 10:34:37AM]

Chantelle Falk
 [10/30 10:34:20AM]

Doodle-rific vest / color me happy
Peyton kolenski
 [10/30 10:31:39AM]

Doodle Dee Doo Vest
Chantelle Falk
 [10/30 10:29:28AM]

Doodle Me This Vest
Chantelle Falk
 [10/30 10:27:24AM]

Just Me Vest My Vest Girl's Vest Friend
Tyra Buburuz
 [10/30 10:03:22AM]

Color me happy vest
Leah Bertrand
 [10/30 9:39:01AM]

Going to the zoo vest , with a smile and a song vest , teddy bear picnic vest , Snow whites vest.
Melanie Bennett
 [10/30 9:31:58AM]

Designer Doodle vest, Designer Digs vest, Color me Wonderful vest, Imagination station vest
Noelle Thomas-Kennell
 [10/30 9:20:54AM]

Darling Doodled Down Vest
Kass marshall
 [10/30 9:17:01AM]

Amanda Helm
 [10/30 9:02:53AM]

Kids kanvas
Jennifer schmick
 [10/30 9:00:45AM]

Colour Me Love Vest
Crystal McNab
 [10/30 8:35:05AM]

Furrever Friends Doodle Puff Vest
Melissa Finlayson
 [10/30 8:32:15AM]

Britt Komish
 [10/30 8:22:41AM]

My Friends and I vest
Karen Rybicki
 [10/30 8:20:01AM]

Color Me Cute
Raylene Butt
 [10/30 8:14:02AM]

Color my world
Jill-Anne Hachey
 [10/30 8:01:42AM]

Oodles of Doodles
Sheena Logan
 [10/30 7:57:45AM]

Pretty Puffer; Dancing Doodle Vest,
Lindsay Laur
 [10/30 7:40:59AM]

Imagine all the Creatures Vest
Laura Miller
 [10/30 7:21:24AM]

Doodle She Wrote Vest, Doodles She Wrote
Laura Miller
 [10/30 7:19:28AM]

Doodle puff vest, Puffy doodle, Doodle Draw Vest, Picture Puff.
Jacqueline Richards
 [10/30 7:13:50AM]

Missy Dolittle vest
Susan Bisson
 [10/30 7:08:35AM]

Colour Me Puffy
Amy Cantin
 [10/30 7:02:00AM]

Woodland Vest
Carah barth
 [10/30 6:45:08AM]

Little doodle
Anika Davis
 [10/30 6:36:09AM]

Sweet Things Vest
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [10/30 6:31:11AM]

Imagination Station Vest
Sarah Kehler
 [10/30 6:25:21AM]

Doodle Dreams Vest
Sarah Kehler
 [10/30 6:24:56AM]

Doodle-me-do Vest
Merissa Norman
 [10/30 6:18:17AM]

Doodle up vest, cutie patootie vest,enchanted forest vest,fairy dust vest,pixie dust vest,mithical forest vest,cozy fall vest,animal mealody vest,animal vally vest,animal doodle vest,
Sandra squires
 [10/30 6:10:38AM]

Hoppin through fall
Laura Westfall
 [10/30 5:56:39AM]

Sketch o’ Doodle vest, Doodle Pop vest, The Playful Doodle vest, Doodle Garden vest, Doodle Fairy vest, Fairy Doodle vest, Fairy Garden vest
Celeste Kallis
 [10/30 5:37:07AM]

Friendly Doodler Vest
Gail Kieley Payne
 [10/30 5:19:04AM]

Doodle bug Vest, Bunny Hug Vest, Bugaboo Vest
Rebecca Barr
 [10/30 4:16:55AM]

Doodle puff
Vanessa Litfin
 [10/30 1:27:35AM]

Giggle Art Vest, Sketch-a-Puff Vest, Doodle Monkey Vest
Shawna Klassen-Roth2
 [10/30 12:05:43AM]

Giggle Doodle Vest
Shawna Klassen-Roth2
 [10/30 12:01:57AM]

Tweedle Dee Doodle Vest
Tasha Cavanna
 [10/29 10:41:22PM]

Spring Fling
Jamie Yastremski
 [10/29 10:40:52PM]

Tweddle Dee Doodle Vest
Tasha Cavanna
 [10/29 10:39:50PM]

Pip "Squeak" Creature Vest
Brianne Zwambag
 [10/29 10:32:18PM]

Cute as a doodle bug
Angela Yamaoka
 [10/29 10:28:59PM]

Do You See What I See?
Nicole Cameron
 [10/29 10:21:58PM]

I spy
Nicole Cameron
 [10/29 10:20:58PM]

Darling Doodles Vest
Rachael Holland
 [10/29 10:13:28PM]

Doodle Dreams
Nicole Cameron
 [10/29 10:12:45PM]

Voila Vest
Penny Soden
 [10/29 10:11:06PM]

Mommy's Picasso Vest, For my mommy vest
Amy Gouchtine
 [10/29 10:08:42PM]

Doodle Me Stylin’ Vest
Krystal Taylor
 [10/29 10:08:34PM]

Fridge art
Amy Gouchtine
 [10/29 10:01:56PM]

Mommy inspired me vest
Amy Gouchtine
 [10/29 9:59:29PM]

Magna doodle for life
Amy Gouchtine
 [10/29 9:58:11PM]

Doodlin' around vest
Stephanie Green
 [10/29 9:56:31PM]

Daddy made me doodle it vest
Amy Gouchtine
 [10/29 9:55:44PM]

Colour me Awesome Puffer Vest
Stephanie Green
 [10/29 9:55:39PM]

Oodles of forest friend doodles
Meghan Bohn
 [10/29 9:50:52PM]

Oodles of doodles vest
Robyn Ebert
 [10/29 9:35:10PM]

Doodle princess puffer vest
Cassie tisdale
 [10/29 9:14:49PM]

Just Doodlin Vest, Doodle Away Vest, Everything Girl Vest, Soft and Tweet Vest, Pet Pals Vest, Hanging with my Pals Vest, My cuddly Pet Vest, Cute Cuddly Vest , Snuggle Pet Vest,
Shantel Blanke
 [10/29 9:13:35PM]

The ‘whoopsy doodle’ vest
Amy Lane
 [10/29 9:12:30PM]

Comfy Puff Vest
Teresa Vanderstel
 [10/29 9:06:48PM]

Color me cozy vest, cozy color cuddles vest, color my cuddles vest
Seanna Unger
 [10/29 9:05:45PM]

Color me pretty, future Bob Ross, crayon
Michelle Martens
 [10/29 9:04:04PM]

Oodles of Doodles
Christina Moore
 [10/29 9:00:12PM]

Sketch It
 [10/29 9:00:11PM]

Doodle Fluff
Christina Koy
 [10/29 8:59:48PM]

Whimsical adventure
Melanie Crosland
 [10/29 8:59:23PM]

Beary Tweet Vest
Robin Kaufman
 [10/29 8:57:43PM]

Christina Koy
 [10/29 8:56:48PM]

My Vest Friends, Me and My Vesties
Laura Bollinger
 [10/29 8:47:56PM]

Tweety Vest
Cheryl Fipke
 [10/29 8:38:27PM]

My Vest, Doodle Vest, Doodle Noodle, Evan's Vest
Nicole M Goodwillie Gauthier
 [10/29 8:37:59PM]

Drawing You In
Laurie Barnett
 [10/29 8:35:32PM]

The Makena
Anna Wiebe
 [10/29 8:32:17PM]

Sweety Tweety puffer vest
Andrea Hennel
 [10/29 8:31:08PM]

Snuggle Doodle Puffy Vest
Emily Dunaj
 [10/29 8:30:47PM]

Fantasticly Fluffy
Lindsey Murphy
 [10/29 8:21:54PM]

Birdie vest
Leigh- Ann foote
 [10/29 8:15:45PM]

The Chatty Critters Vest
Michelle Bueckert
 [10/29 8:13:11PM]

Doodlerific Vest
Janna Kirkup
 [10/29 8:13:09PM]

Forrest Frenzy vest
Angela McLellan
 [10/29 8:12:14PM]

Doodles of Fun Vest, Drawing Attention Vest, Zip a de Doodle Vest
Tracy Dubois
 [10/29 8:11:22PM]

Something to tweet about
Debbie Johnson
 [10/29 8:11:07PM]

Doodley Doo
Lydia Smith
 [10/29 8:07:48PM]

Ain’t life tweet!
Tracy Turre
 [10/29 8:05:20PM]

Holy Doodle Vest
Kerry Price
 [10/29 8:04:08PM]

Meowington tweeter vest
 [10/29 8:03:38PM]

Oodles of Doodles vest; the Pretty Please Puffer; Wildest Dreams vest
Krista Forte
 [10/29 8:02:05PM]

Sweet scribbler
Jory Threinen
 [10/29 7:58:41PM]

Spice and Everything Nice
Lieke Rajapaksa
 [10/29 7:58:30PM]

"Makes Me Happy"
Sandy Bowers
 [10/29 7:55:54PM]

sweet cloud
Kristine Woolgar barrett
 [10/29 7:50:21PM]

Little Doodle Bug 'll Do Ya
Barbara Alsric
 [10/29 7:46:57PM]

Colour my critters crazy, colour my critters, colouring my critters,
Lori Martin
 [10/29 7:46:26PM]

Doodle pals
Darrah Selanders
 [10/29 7:40:17PM]

Doodle Darling puffer vest
Brittany Prevost
 [10/29 7:38:29PM]

See My Work Vest, Furry Friends Furless Vest, Take-along Drawn Animals Vest, Rainbow Animals Vest
Sylvanna Penner
 [10/29 7:34:17PM]

Drew on the Puffy Vest; Little Artist Vest; Artist in the making Vest; eye Spy my Piffy Vest
Kelly Hagel
 [10/29 7:32:58PM]

Chirp and tweet
Jessica park Hanlon
 [10/29 7:32:41PM]

Furry friends vest
Stephanie ayers
 [10/29 7:30:10PM]

My best vest
Laura Eligh
 [10/29 7:29:40PM]

The doodler
Keelie taylor
 [10/29 7:26:25PM]

Spring Critters
Rebecca Downes
 [10/29 7:26:25PM]

Coloured my best vest
Laura eligh
 [10/29 7:25:15PM]

Cozy Creations Vest
Tracy Beemer
 [10/29 7:19:50PM]

Just Doodling Along, Playtime, School Dayz
Brooke Arberry
 [10/29 7:18:20PM]

Oodles of fun vest
Chelsea cinnamon
 [10/29 7:15:49PM]

Doodles of dreams vest
Chelsea cinnamon
 [10/29 7:13:01PM]

Art Party Puffer Vest
Lindsay MacKenzie
 [10/29 7:08:13PM]

Doodle n'Play Puffy Vest
Cara Scholl
 [10/29 7:07:59PM]

The Doodle Darling Vest
Catherine Buburuz
 [10/29 7:05:10PM]

Pip Squeak Vest
Marie Finch
 [10/29 7:05:04PM]

Dream, Doodle n'Play Vest
Cara S
 [10/29 7:02:50PM]

Spring please?
Melanie Arsenault
 [10/29 6:59:31PM]

Puffer party
Janet cinnamon
 [10/29 6:59:16PM]

One hit wilderness vest
Ashley Herron
 [10/29 6:58:59PM]

Dare to Dream
Krystal Puetz
 [10/29 6:56:36PM]

Animal Kingdom Puffer Vest
Melanie Arsenault
 [10/29 6:53:48PM]

Paint me a wilderness vest
Ashley Herron
 [10/29 6:52:32PM]

All Doodled Up!
Leslie Coutts
 [10/29 6:50:43PM]

I drawed it myself vest!!! :)
Jennifer Stevenson
 [10/29 6:49:44PM]

Woodland Wonder Vest
Kristen Schiefke
 [10/29 6:49:03PM]

Puff the Magic vest
Amy Pillage
 [10/29 6:47:55PM]

Doodle Dum
Haven huebner
 [10/29 6:46:43PM]

Doodle Dee
Haven Huebner
 [10/29 6:46:22PM]

Sweet Tweet Vest
Kristen Schiefke
 [10/29 6:46:11PM]

Doodle Puff Vest
Haven huebner
 [10/29 6:46:00PM]

Colour ME Cozy
Shelby tellier
 [10/29 6:41:20PM]

Doodle dream
Jessica Park Hanlon
 [10/29 6:37:09PM]

Doodle Bird
 [10/29 6:36:56PM]

Imagination vest, colour of imagination vest
Angela Smiley
 [10/29 6:35:06PM]

Frolicking with my buddies cozy autumn vest
Tanya Briggeman
 [10/29 6:33:24PM]

So tweet puffer
Kimberly Perreault
 [10/29 6:32:52PM]

Scribble Me Happy vest, Doodley Doo Jacket Vest,
Wendy Sargent
 [10/29 6:26:48PM]

Tweet Heat
Robyn Logan
 [10/29 6:17:56PM]

The Vest Is Yet to Come
Sarah Green
 [10/29 6:17:27PM]

Daydreams and Doodles
Ashley Helmkay
 [10/29 6:14:58PM]

Color My World
Ashley Helmkay
 [10/29 6:12:11PM]

Colour Me Happy
Shoshana Israel
 [10/29 6:10:10PM]

Cozy kitty
Kathryn Connors
 [10/29 6:09:20PM]

Darling Dreamy Doodles
Alinda Epp
 [10/29 6:09:16PM]

Wild About You - Winter Vest
Kim Leonard
 [10/29 6:09:14PM]

Oodles of Doodles
Sarah Green
 [10/29 6:06:32PM]

Oodles of Doodles
Jamie Fanous
 [10/29 6:00:30PM]

Simply Me Vest
Connie Ann Rollin
 [10/29 5:58:38PM]

Urban Adventure
Michelle Gilbert
 [10/29 5:57:26PM]

Candy Dandy Doodles
Kathy Jones
 [10/29 5:56:39PM]

'Picture This' Puffer Vest
Cara Scholl
 [10/29 5:55:19PM]

Puffy doodlebug
Ashley sawin
 [10/29 5:55:16PM]

Colour me Cute puffer vest
Niki Simm
 [10/29 5:50:30PM]

“Doodely You” vest
Paige Mackinnon
 [10/29 5:50:09PM]

GroovyArts Puffy Vest
Cara Scholl
 [10/29 5:49:02PM]

Munchkins puffy vest
Jaymie Baker
 [10/29 5:48:54PM]

Doodle my poodle, I drew this for you vest, Colour in the lines vest, Nature Walk vest, Adventures With My Friends
Weronika Dubois
 [10/29 5:48:27PM]

Art attack vest
Lauren Paradis
 [10/29 5:48:10PM]

Picture perfect hooded gilet
Heidi Midcalf
 [10/29 5:47:28PM]

critter doodles
natashia meades
 [10/29 5:47:03PM]

Whimsy graffiti
 [10/29 5:46:47PM]

Making A Mark
Kaija Riabov
 [10/29 5:43:27PM]

Wonderland Vest
Coralee Taylor
 [10/29 5:42:42PM]

Vest Friends Forever
Amanda Saarinen
 [10/29 5:42:19PM]

Creature Comforts Vest
Megan Drope
 [10/29 5:41:52PM]

Daydreamer Vest
Simone Skutle
 [10/29 5:41:12PM]

Pastel n'Play Puffer Vest
Cara Scholl
 [10/29 5:40:09PM]

Colour Me Wonderful
Kaija Riabov
 [10/29 5:39:51PM]

My Vest Work
Gina Gardipy
 [10/29 5:39:24PM]

Creative Doodles Vest, Doodles of Fun Vest, Creative Colours Vest.
Dannilee Marttinen
 [10/29 5:38:09PM]

Pencil Pals Puffer Vest
Cara Scholl
 [10/29 5:37:36PM]

Child's Play Vest
Cheryl Cook
 [10/29 5:37:30PM]

Pocket fully of Cozy!, Cozy Woodland, Doodle Vest, Vest Friends!
Danielle Clarke
 [10/29 5:34:48PM]

Fun and Fuzzy vest, Fun and Cozy Vest, doodle fun Vest, Fun doodles vest.
Olia chapman
 [10/29 5:33:34PM]

Child’s Art Cozy Vest
Tammy Martel
 [10/29 5:31:10PM]

Doodle dandy
Amanda Tucker
 [10/29 5:30:10PM]

The Playful Puffer Vest
Jennifer Yantho
 [10/29 5:29:36PM]

Birds Of A Feather
Sarah Green
 [10/29 5:26:51PM]

Colour me cozy
Jessica szydlik
 [10/29 5:26:24PM]

Oodles of Doodles
Karen Luciak
 [10/29 5:25:12PM]

Creative ideas vest / unique fashion vest / saw it, draw it!
Ashley Penney
 [10/29 5:24:32PM]

Colour Outside The Lines
Sarah Green
 [10/29 5:21:42PM]

Doodle time vest
Melanie Gagnon
 [10/29 5:20:52PM]

Doodles n’ Daydreams
Charla Williams
 [10/29 5:20:30PM]

Chillin’ n chirpin’
Christina Iliopulos
 [10/29 5:20:26PM]

Fancy doodles vest
Jessie Brewer
 [10/29 5:15:51PM]

Courtney MacDonald
 [10/29 5:14:22PM]

Whimsy Warmer
Charla Williams
 [10/29 5:12:57PM]

Cozy Critters
Charla Williams
 [10/29 5:09:50PM]

Stylin' Scribbles
Alicia Roddy
 [10/29 5:07:35PM]

Doodle Me Dandy
Alicia Roddy
 [10/29 5:06:25PM]

Colour me Wonderful
Alicia Roddy
 [10/29 5:04:50PM]

Colourful Critters
Teena Huston
 [10/29 5:04:07PM]

Sweet Scribbles
Alicia Roddy
 [10/29 5:03:07PM]

Stay in' in the Lines Vesg
Megan Katagis
 [10/29 5:02:38PM]

Wonder Puff vest
Alicia Roddy
 [10/29 5:02:23PM]

Sketch pad
Kristen partington
 [10/29 5:01:59PM]

Dream in Colour Vest
Michelle McCarthy
 [10/29 5:01:57PM]

Colouring Is My Jam Vest
Megan Katagis
 [10/29 5:01:45PM]

Puffy go lucky
Alicia Roddy
 [10/29 5:01:35PM]

Pretty n Puffy
Alicia Roddy
 [10/29 5:00:36PM]

Best of friends
Steph King
 [10/29 5:00:09PM]

Colourful cuteness
Chantale Camp
 [10/29 4:59:07PM]

Doodle Do Vest
Ashley Paluch
 [10/29 4:58:29PM]

Whimsical Wonders
Satu Spring
 [10/29 4:57:31PM]

Fall Fun
Lynne Hepburn
 [10/29 4:56:44PM]

Friends of the forest
Steph King
 [10/29 4:56:26PM]

Vested Interest
Lynne Hepburn
 [10/29 4:56:04PM]

Puffs of Colour
Alicia Roddy
 [10/29 4:55:26PM]

Doodle up my life, or doodle my life, or doodles for days.
Mercedes Carrigan
 [10/29 4:54:34PM]

Dippy Doodle Vest
Emily Buss
 [10/29 4:54:11PM]

Sketch Vest or She's An Artist Vest
Shannon Walsh
 [10/29 4:52:59PM]

Doodle Me Mine Vest
Cara Andersonl
 [10/29 4:52:38PM]

Sweet Tweet Vest
Delaney Kyluik
 [10/29 4:49:54PM]

Color Me Cosy
Kelly Gallagher
 [10/29 4:48:16PM]

Sweetie Tweetie
Megan Balcom
 [10/29 4:46:28PM]

Snug as a Doodle Bug Vest
Krista Cunday
 [10/29 4:46:01PM]

Patricia Johnson
 [10/29 4:45:32PM]

Colour me cozy
Bree mcmullen
 [10/29 4:42:34PM]

Doodle days
Bree mcmullen
 [10/29 4:41:38PM]

Sweet Scribbles
Bree mcmullen
 [10/29 4:40:59PM]

Birds of a feather vest
Amanda Ste Croix
 [10/29 4:39:44PM]

Party Central
Lynne Hepburn
 [10/29 4:39:18PM]

Doodles Of Fun
Stephanie Smith
 [10/29 4:38:21PM]

My colourful creations vest
Tara Clugston
 [10/29 4:37:21PM]

Birds and cats and rabbits ohh my
Kristin Casebeer
 [10/29 4:36:36PM]

doodles,noodles and me
Marian howie
 [10/29 4:36:34PM]

Lorna Hansen
 [10/29 4:36:08PM]

Color my world
Ashley may
 [10/29 4:34:48PM]

Hop Along the Bunny Trail
Lyne de Montarnal
 [10/29 4:32:19PM]

Charm and Beauty Vest
Jessica Curran
 [10/29 4:31:33PM]

Little Critters Vest
Natalie Taylor
 [10/29 4:30:53PM]

Doodle bug puffer vest
Tiffany Withnall
 [10/29 4:29:47PM]

Colour me cute vest
Allison Ash
 [10/29 4:29:06PM]

Whimsical creations
Bronwyn Manning
 [10/29 4:28:40PM]

Woodland Imagination
Michelle Rosaasen
 [10/29 4:27:48PM]

Cutsie Patootsie VEst
lila Boroditsky
 [10/29 4:26:52PM]

Doodle Darlin’
Joanna Lewis
 [10/29 4:26:29PM]

Doodle bugs
Jennifer Zawadzki
 [10/29 4:26:13PM]

Doodle Me Happy Vest
Tara Clugston
 [10/29 4:25:48PM]

Ruffle doodle puff, cozy doodlepuff, puffnstuff
Shelley Fehr
 [10/29 4:24:57PM]

Janette Petz
 [10/29 4:23:56PM]

Colorific vest
Kim dao
 [10/29 4:22:59PM]

Bright Vibes Vest
Sara Gall
 [10/29 4:22:50PM]

MeDoodles Puffyvest
 [10/29 4:22:12PM]

Color Me Kids
Janette Kang
 [10/29 4:21:31PM]

Tweety Sweety Vest
Jennifer Lindsay
 [10/29 4:20:53PM]

Doodlevest by me 4 me
Shirley Koehler
 [10/29 4:19:34PM]

Petite Picasso, or Pretty Lil Picassso
Lisa Salter
 [10/29 4:19:27PM]

Puffy Picasso Vest, Little VanGogh Vest
Sarah Wagenaar
 [10/29 4:18:52PM]

Whimsical wonders puffer,
Julia Strickland
 [10/29 4:18:18PM]

Darling Doodle
Joanna Lewis
 [10/29 4:17:48PM]

Woodland Wimsy vest
Caitlin Hanly
 [10/29 4:15:33PM]

Daydream Vest
Melissa Kowalczyk
 [10/29 4:15:18PM]

Color me happy vest, cuddly creatures vest, doodle dee doodle vest,
Julia strickland
 [10/29 4:14:59PM]

Scribbles of fun vest
Linda Howard
 [10/29 4:14:45PM]

Doodle love
Alaina Kasper
 [10/29 4:14:29PM]

Colourful Creations Puffer Vest
Krista Pike
 [10/29 4:12:58PM]

Doodle vest, or imaginary best
 [10/29 4:12:14PM]

Woodland Adventures Vest
Caitlin Hanly
 [10/29 4:10:22PM]

Color me Happy
Stephanie Bishop
 [10/29 4:09:57PM]

Color me pretty
Kemberlee Hoeppner
 [10/29 4:08:42PM]

Puffer doodles vest
Alyssa Fahie
 [10/29 4:04:01PM]

Purrfectly tweet
Annie Fox
 [10/29 4:03:39PM]

Designed by Me Puffer Vest
Lauren Bailey
 [10/29 4:02:48PM]

Draw me warm
Melanie Claridge
 [10/29 4:02:20PM]

A Work Of Art
Renecca Marsh
 [10/29 4:01:27PM]

Flew the coop
Chalcey Watson
 [10/29 3:59:17PM]

Koodo’s to Doodles vest!
Tabatha Jacobs
 [10/29 3:58:16PM]

Wild one vest
Raechelle Marcotte
 [10/29 3:58:06PM]

Doodlezoo vest
Lizanne Roy
 [10/29 3:57:19PM]

Color me doodle
Penny Gregory
 [10/29 3:55:34PM]

Tweetheart Vest
Madison chisholm
 [10/29 3:54:54PM]

Tweet and Purr huggable vest
Amy kazi
 [10/29 3:53:19PM]

Love Me Doodle Vest
Vicky Marshall
 [10/29 3:51:53PM]

Adorably ‘Tweet
Kim McDowall
 [10/29 3:51:29PM]

Doodle Vest, Make believe vest, emotions vest
Renate barnard
 [10/29 3:51:14PM]

Draw Me Cozy Puffer Vest
Brittany Dennis
 [10/29 3:49:58PM]

Woodland Doodle Vest
Ariella Borsuk
 [10/29 3:48:59PM]

Picturesque Forest Friends
Brittany Dennis
 [10/29 3:48:31PM]

Forest Friends Puffer, Forest Friends Picnic Puffer, Forest Friends Party Puffer
Tamara Pulles
 [10/29 3:47:49PM]

Picture Perfect Puffer Vest
Brittany Dennis
 [10/29 3:46:32PM]

Doodle Puff
Kayley Jensen
 [10/29 3:45:56PM]

My purrfect vest
Laurin Levick
 [10/29 3:45:35PM]

Rainbow forest
Jennifer Watson
 [10/29 3:45:34PM]

My Forest Friends
Jessica Whalen
 [10/29 3:45:12PM]

Doodle Puffs
Kayley Jensen
 [10/29 3:45:01PM]

Straight from the Heart, Creative Minds - Vest
ashley heath
 [10/29 3:43:48PM]

Sweet n Snug , or Vesterdays Art
Jessica Heywood
 [10/29 3:42:44PM]

Huff & Puff Vest
Caroline Mamela
 [10/29 3:42:42PM]

Draw Me Cozy vest
Lianne Healey
 [10/29 3:41:39PM]

Tweetle-ee-Doodle Vest
Sara Lotter
 [10/29 3:38:57PM]

It’s a Draw Vest, Colourific Vest
Sherry Nickle
 [10/29 3:37:51PM]

“Cutie Patootie” puffer vest
Channelle Zaichkowsky
 [10/29 3:37:01PM]

“Chirp-Hop-Squeak-Meow” Puffer Vest or Doodle Dandy Puffer Vest
Kara Cammidge
 [10/29 3:36:50PM]

doodle bug vest
Nicole Tkachuk
 [10/29 3:36:32PM]

Color me mine
Amber Penney
 [10/29 3:36:13PM]

Whimisical Creations Vest
Jennifer Pittman
 [10/29 3:35:01PM]

Puffing Around
Courtney McCARRON
 [10/29 3:34:16PM]

Colored CanVest
Nicole Barker
 [10/29 3:34:02PM]

Chilly Chirp vest
Sheena Ram
 [10/29 3:33:20PM]

doodle-do vest
Susan Almais
 [10/29 3:32:52PM]

Pufferific vest
Patricia McKeen
 [10/29 3:32:31PM]

Doodles and Poodles vest
Caitlin King
 [10/29 3:32:31PM]

I colour myself vest
Leslie Konno
 [10/29 3:32:25PM]

Crazey Dazey
Nancy Twist
 [10/29 3:32:01PM]

Oodles of Doodles Vest
Sarah McAllister
 [10/29 3:31:54PM]

Oodles of Doodles vest
Caitlin King
 [10/29 3:31:38PM]

Snow bunny vest
Brandy Griffiths
 [10/29 3:31:19PM]

Daring Doodle vest
Caitlin King
 [10/29 3:31:11PM]

Color me cute vest
Patricia McKeen
 [10/29 3:31:07PM]

Creative Creature Vest
Bree Lindsay
 [10/29 3:30:54PM]

The Tweetest Thing Vest
Libby Glencross
 [10/29 3:30:52PM]

Doodle Bug Vest, Doodle all day Vest, Snug a doodle Vest
Sara Warnaar
 [10/29 3:30:49PM]

'Oh so cute' vest
 [10/29 3:30:46PM]

Colourful Critters Vest
Jennifer Klassen
 [10/29 3:30:23PM]

Doddle Your Best Vest, Marvellous Marker Vest, Make Your Best Vest, Dream Big Vest.
Cindy Jacquard
 [10/29 3:29:58PM]

Little Critters Vest
Jennifer Klassen
 [10/29 3:29:46PM]

Sweet Tweet Vest
Sarah McAllister
 [10/29 3:29:39PM]

Doodle My Very Best Vest
Sara Lotter
 [10/29 3:29:12PM]

Colour Me Cozy Vest
Jamie Girouard
 [10/29 3:28:55PM]

Doodle Vest
Alicia Braden
 [10/29 3:28:55PM]

Wrapped Canvas
Sheena Peddle
 [10/29 3:28:23PM]

Just Doodle It
Joelle Bakker
 [10/29 3:26:14PM]

Sweet tweet vest
Jenn Bennison
 [10/29 3:25:26PM]

A few of my favorite things vest
Virginia Foulds
 [10/29 3:25:09PM]

Snug As A Bug Vest
Jennifer Klassen
 [10/29 3:24:49PM]

Oop-a-doodle Vest
Pam Ralston
 [10/29 3:24:29PM]

colourful critters vest, Animals say what? vest, Doodle creatures vest, Doodle critters vest
Tracey Marcil
 [10/29 3:24:16PM]

Puffin Adorable
Jennifer Klassen
 [10/29 3:22:56PM]

Colour Me Cutie Vest
Hayle Parent
 [10/29 3:21:33PM]

Colourful Cuddles Doodle Vest
Samantha Overgaard
 [10/29 3:21:09PM]

The Budding Artist puffer vest
Megan Gale
 [10/29 3:20:33PM]

Puffer Doodle vest
Jillian McLean
 [10/29 3:20:24PM]

Puffer princess vest
Jillian McLean
 [10/29 3:19:34PM]

Colour Me Cozy Vest
Kerry Price
 [10/29 3:19:28PM]

Sweet Tweet Puffer Vest
Cheryl Guerriero
 [10/29 3:19:16PM]

I Draw myself
Patty Nykolaishen
 [10/29 3:19:13PM]

Lil Picasso Vest
Shari MacLellan
 [10/29 3:19:09PM]

Color me cute!
Jamie Noordman
 [10/29 3:18:44PM]

Oh Doodle vest, Comfy Cruzin Vest
Ashley Jones
 [10/29 3:18:08PM]

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice
Courtney Walsh
 [10/29 3:17:51PM]

Art & Soul Vest
Shari MacLellan
 [10/29 3:17:34PM]

"Park Chic Doodles" Puffer Vest
Terrina Pawluk
 [10/29 3:17:12PM]

Life is Doodle-ful!
Kyla Laferdy
 [10/29 3:15:58PM]

Spring Joy
Shannon Bergen
 [10/29 3:15:21PM]

I create vest
Brei souza
 [10/29 3:14:56PM]

Drawing up a storm vest
Leslie frick
 [10/29 3:14:43PM]

Doodle Oodle
Veronica Keenan
 [10/29 3:14:32PM]

Creative Play Vest
Andrea Eisner
 [10/29 3:13:24PM]

Work of art puffer vest Doodle me crazy puffer vest
Kristi langevin
 [10/29 3:12:26PM]

Puffer Doodle Vest
Kathryn Graveline
 [10/29 3:12:00PM]

The perfect doodle
Melody Willier
 [10/29 3:11:54PM]

The sketched vest
Melody Willier
 [10/29 3:11:12PM]

Enchanted Doodle Vest
Natalie Baikie
 [10/29 3:11:02PM]

The Van Gough
Bettina Howard
 [10/29 3:10:11PM]

Chirp Hop Squeak Vest
Wietske Woordman
 [10/29 3:10:00PM]

Darling Doodle Vest
Marcela Mondaca-Edwards
 [10/29 3:09:56PM]

Oodles of doodles
Adria Paquette
 [10/29 3:08:59PM]

Colour Me Cozy Vest
Sarah Kehler
 [10/29 3:08:38PM]

Frosty fun vest
Tanya Slessor
 [10/29 3:08:03PM]

Doodle Bug vest
Jacquie Both
 [10/29 3:05:47PM]

Draw-ific vest Color me happy
Peyton Kolenski
 [10/29 3:05:39PM]

Color me warm vest
jacquie both
 [10/29 3:05:13PM]

Doodlely Dee
Liss berard
 [10/29 3:04:52PM]

Janette kent
 [10/29 3:04:46PM]

Ooddles of doodles vest
Stephanie Eby
 [10/29 3:03:52PM]

Tweet Puffer Vest
Lara Beattie
 [10/29 3:03:50PM]

Doodle darling
Erin Levesque
 [10/29 3:03:35PM]

Blank Canvas
Bailey Michaud
 [10/29 3:03:04PM]

Colour me pretty!
Crystal Garton
 [10/29 3:01:45PM]

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