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California Boys Tee
March 18, 2018

I Dress Myself California Boys Tee

It’s contest time…want to help us name it to win it? 🙂 Give naming this super cool California boys tee a try for your chance to WIN! This shirt comes in sizes 7/8Y, 10Y, 12Y, and 14Y.

Enter your suggestion by commenting on the website under the NAME IT TO WIN IT SPOTLIGHT post by Monday, March 19th at 9am (PST).

Find out the winning name when this product launches as a presale this week! The winner will get to select their choice of size in this cute shirt! Good luck!!

I Dress Myself - Name It To Win It: California Boys Tee

I Dress Myself - Name It To Win It: California Boys Tee

I Dress Myself - Name It To Win It: California Boys Tee

I Dress Myself - Name It To Win It: California Boys Tee

Total Entries: 98
Congratulations to Julie Anne Hilton, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Beach You To It Tee!
Palm Springs Tee
Natasha Perkins
 [03/19 8:59:35AM]

Son of a Beach (LOL), Soul Surfer, Pipe Dreams, Going Back to Cali
Kirby Schulz
 [03/19 8:37:00AM]

California tee
Katrina desjarlais
 [03/19 8:36:54AM]

Californian sunset tee, Summer Lovin, Surf n California, California Dreamin, California Dreams, Waves of my heart, Sunshine Waves, You are my sunshine, Beach Coastin Tee, Beachside Boy
Kirby Schulz
 [03/19 8:30:25AM]

The Waves are Callin Tee, Sunshine Blue, Beachside Lovin,
Kirby Schulz
 [03/19 8:24:27AM]

Palm Beach
Kelsi-Lee Davison-Handley
 [03/19 7:58:24AM]

California Dreamin'
Kayla Westerby
 [03/19 7:07:47AM]

Palm Perfect
Linda Beamish
 [03/19 4:27:17AM]

California dreaming
Chantel Laur
 [03/18 10:28:57PM]

Boardwalk and Beach Tee
Sherry Nickle
 [03/18 7:18:43PM]

Adventure in the sun
Tara Mitchelmore
 [03/18 6:07:32PM]

On Board Top
Heather Vita
 [03/18 6:03:36PM]

Cali cool
Shelly Thomas
 [03/18 5:29:35PM]

Keep Palm & Surf Tee, Good Vibes Tee, The I'll be back tee, Ready to Surf Tee
Selinda Lye
 [03/18 4:50:28PM]

Callin' for Surfs Tee, Sunshine Surfer Tee, Paradise Tee, Callin' Me Ombre Tee, Find me Under the Palms Tee, Under Palms Tee, Traveler Tee, Adventure Tee, Hakuna Matata Tee, Summer Vibes Tee
Selinda Lye
 [03/18 4:39:22PM]

Surfin’ Turf, Surf ‘in Turf, California Palm, Fun in the Sun,
Celeste Kallis
 [03/18 4:23:58PM]

Sun set tee
Melissa murphy
 [03/18 4:09:58PM]

Back to Cali
Chrystal Sullivan
 [03/18 4:04:29PM]

Cali my name, keep calm and surf on
Ashley Herron
 [03/18 4:01:58PM]

Palm Down Tee, Palming Effect Tee, Palm Breeze Tee
Angela McLellan
 [03/18 3:59:33PM]

California State of Mind, Welcome to Paradise, California Sun, The O.C Tee, Orange County Sunset.
Megan Finnamore
 [03/18 3:56:14PM]

Nancy Miller
 [03/18 3:51:27PM]

Catch some Waves
Marsha Alexander
 [03/18 3:37:07PM]

Cali me awesome
Lianne Healey
 [03/18 3:32:57PM]

Surfs Up
Amanda Sawyer
 [03/18 3:31:43PM]

"Fun in the sun" tee
Karen Giesbrecht
 [03/18 3:31:31PM]

Day dream believer
Lyndsey Pilkington
 [03/18 3:17:30PM]

Too cool for school
Lyndsey P
 [03/18 3:14:58PM]

Venice you Say Tee
Mackenzie Bergen
 [03/18 3:04:04PM]

Summer dayz tee
Kaitlyn popert
 [03/18 2:46:13PM]

Surf's Up Tee
Courtney Walsh
 [03/18 2:26:51PM]

So Gnarly Tee
Michelle McCarthy
 [03/18 2:22:47PM]

Keep calm and palm on tee, beach boyz tee, life’s a beach tee, beach bum tee, Palm Springs tee, California dreaming tee,
Julia strickland
 [03/18 2:19:25PM]

California Love
Courtney Christie
 [03/18 1:51:39PM]

California dreams tee
Leah Bertrand
 [03/18 1:44:40PM]

California dreamin
Rebecca Brown
 [03/18 12:58:20PM]

Cruisin' Cali
Melanie Rumley
 [03/18 12:52:14PM]

Surfs sup tee, Waiting for waves tee, catch me at the beach tee
Lindsay Geist
 [03/18 12:39:18PM]

California Dreamin’ Tee
Ashley Elgersma
 [03/18 12:38:36PM]

Summer lovin’ Tee
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [03/18 12:32:28PM]

Rebecca Baker
 [03/18 12:22:37PM]

California dreams
Kim schultz
 [03/18 12:19:51PM]

Beach Bum, which way to the beach, beach Daze, bays watch, Venice beach for days, surfs up
Heather Mostaway
 [03/18 12:10:54PM]

Living my dreams tee
Susan Robertson
 [03/18 11:35:10AM]

Cool Cali Tee
Becky Schullman
 [03/18 11:27:14AM]

California Dreamin'
Kathrina Robles-Haduik
 [03/18 11:27:00AM]

California Coastin’
Opal Daum
 [03/18 11:14:05AM]

California Dreamin’
Opal Daum
 [03/18 11:10:29AM]

California Lovin'
Sylvanna Penner
 [03/18 11:09:09AM]

Dreamin' of Venice Beach, Surfin' Venice Beach, Beach Bum tee, Beach Wavin', Soaking up the Cali sun
Sylvanna Penner
 [03/18 11:07:43AM]

California Dreamin’
Candice Conrad
 [03/18 10:32:30AM]

Chasing dreams in Cali, Cali dreams, Surfin in Cali, Boys Of Summer
Jennifer Barone
 [03/18 10:19:36AM]

California dreamin'
Whitney legare
 [03/18 10:17:09AM]

Surf's Up
Karmyn Robertson
 [03/18 10:14:54AM]

“Seas the day” tee; “Vitamin Sea” top, “Palm trees, 80 degrees tee”; “if there’s a will, there’s a wave” top, “Find me under the palms” tee; “Keep Palm and Carry On” top, “Beach you to it!” Tee, “Oh for Shore!” Tee
Julie Anne Hilton
 [03/18 10:04:49AM]

California Dreamin’
Lianna Kosik
 [03/18 10:02:42AM]

Cool Palm Tee
Meghan Campbell
 [03/18 9:54:26AM]

California Dreamer
Terry Etheridge
 [03/18 9:53:52AM]

California Dreaming
Terry Etheridge
 [03/18 9:52:42AM]

California dreamin’ or California cool
Michelle noel
 [03/18 9:51:31AM]

Coastal cu-tee, California Cu-tee, Just Beachy tee
Angela Smiley
 [03/18 9:50:40AM]

Paradise tee, Hang Ten Tee, Stoked Tee, Catch a wave tee
melissa kowalczyk
 [03/18 9:42:57AM]

Cali dreams
Marysia waritsky
 [03/18 9:30:47AM]

surf n' turf tee
Kristin Fulla
 [03/18 9:30:23AM]

Golden Coast Tee, Palm Trees & 80 Degrees Tee
melissa kowalczyk
 [03/18 9:30:01AM]

Cali Adventure Tee
Jessica Anderson
 [03/18 9:28:58AM]

Surfs Up Tee
Tasha Mijinke
 [03/18 9:28:56AM]

To Da Beach Tee
melissa kowalczyk
 [03/18 9:27:05AM]

California Dreaming Tee; So Cali Tee; Sun and Beach Tee; Fun in the Sun Tee; West Coast Tee; Summer Sun Tee; West Coast Summer Tee; Summer Blues Tee
Candice Crosby
 [03/18 9:26:32AM]

The hot shot tee
Erin Burwash
 [03/18 9:25:51AM]

Palm Tikes
Selena Bastien
 [03/18 9:24:46AM]

Sunny Dayz Tee
melissa kowalczyk
 [03/18 9:24:04AM]

California Breakaway
Allyce Campbell
 [03/18 9:23:39AM]

Surfin Cali Tee
Teisha Asselin
 [03/18 9:21:07AM]

SoCal Tee
Stephanie Smith
 [03/18 9:21:02AM]

Palm trees big dreams tee
Angela Grocholski
 [03/18 9:20:35AM]

Palm Trees & Summer Breeze
Kelsey Dugas
 [03/18 9:20:26AM]

California coastline, coastal cool
Angela Yamaoka
 [03/18 9:20:00AM]

Lifes a beach, california dreamin’, surfs up, sunset boulevard,
Louise vukas
 [03/18 9:19:44AM]

Vacation bound
Taneal hay
 [03/18 9:19:20AM]

California Dreamin Shirt
Natashia Schwarz
 [03/18 9:19:17AM]

To cool for school
 [03/18 9:19:09AM]

Surfer Boy Tee, Super Surfer Tee
Katie Fry
 [03/18 9:17:55AM]

Surf & Sand Tee, Cruisin’ in Cali Tee, Beach Bum Tee, Surfin’ at Sunrise Tee, Ocean Ride Tee, Pacific Ride Tee, Pacific Surf Tee, SoCal Surfing Tee, Surfing SoCal Tee
Shawna Klassen-Roth
 [03/18 9:17:03AM]

Set Free by the Sea T, Beach Vibes and Big Rides Surf T
Teena Huston
 [03/18 9:16:44AM]

Surfs up California, palms calms tee, california livin
Tanya Ness
 [03/18 9:15:58AM]

California Cool
Heather Gristwood
 [03/18 9:11:58AM]

California Adventure Tee, Sunset Beach Tee, Surf’s Up Tee, Pacific Sun Tee
Shawna Klassen-Roth
 [03/18 9:10:25AM]

Venice Dreams Tee Heading to the Beach Tee Beach Boy Tee California Guy Tee Feel the Heat Tee Cali Tropics Tee Surfer Dude Tee Off to the Beach Palms Trees and Sunshine Tee
Tracey Marcil
 [03/18 9:09:49AM]

Calm surfer. Summertime blues.
Jessica Thompson
 [03/18 9:08:25AM]

California Dreamin’ Tee
Shayla Nykolaishen
 [03/18 9:07:34AM]

California Dreaming Life's A Beach West Coast Tee Palm Trees and 80 Degrees Ocean Breeze Surfs Up California Adventure
Ashley Herron
 [03/18 9:07:31AM]

Beachin’ Tee
Nikki Weightman
 [03/18 9:06:30AM]

Venice Beach Tee
Bree Mcmullen
 [03/18 9:05:33AM]

Goin back to Cali, surfin dreams, summer lovin
Nicole Smith
 [03/18 9:04:01AM]

The killin’ it tee
Kristen richardson
 [03/18 9:03:14AM]

California Dreamin’
Lizanne Roy
 [03/18 9:03:12AM]

California Dreamin’
Sarah Kehler
 [03/18 9:01:11AM]

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