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Unicorn Tee
April 22, 2018

I Dress Myself Unicorn Tee

It’s contest time…want to help us name it to win it? 🙂 Give naming this adorable shirt a try for your chance to WIN! This shirt features a unicorn on the front with glitter print, “Believe In Magic” on the front and comes in both white and light purple. It comes in sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, and 14 and will presale for $19.99 (Retail $24.95)!

Enter your suggestion by commenting on the website under the NAME IT TO WIN IT SPOTLIGHT post by Monday, April 23rd at 9am (PST).

Find out the winning name when this product launches as a presale this week! The winner will get to select their choice of size in this cute tee! Good luck!!

I Dress Myself Name It to Win It: Unicorn Tee

I Dress Myself Name It to Win It: Unicorn Tee

I Dress Myself Name It to Win It: Unicorn Tee

Total Entries: 125
Congratulations to Tia Fouillard, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Don't Stop Believin' Tee!
Enchanted tee, Fable-lous tee, Dreamweaver tee
Laurie Hadden
 [04/23 7:10:34AM]

Enchanted tee, Fable-loud tee, Dreamweaver tee
Laurie Hadden
 [04/23 7:09:04AM]

I Believe Tee ; Fancy Fantasy Tee ; Magical Sparkling Tee ; Magical Make-Believe Tee ; Somewhere Over the Rainbow Tee
April Hunt
 [04/23 4:02:42AM]

Believe In U Tee
Cara Scholl
 [04/23 2:41:07AM]

U 'n I can believe Tee, Believabili-Tee
Selinda Lye
 [04/23 2:09:19AM]

Unicorn Glitter Tee
Lesley Skinner
 [04/23 1:59:50AM]

Glitter Unicorn Tee
Lesley Skinner
 [04/23 1:58:57AM]

Lovin' Spoonful tee, Believe like Me Tee, Born to Believe Tee, Magically Me Tee, Magically Made Tee, Believe In Me Tee, Unicorn Kisses Tee, Embrace the Magic Tee
Selinda Lye
 [04/23 1:27:39AM]

Glittercorn Tee
Crystal Lycan
 [04/22 10:14:19PM]

Magic Tee, I believe in Magic Tee, Unicorn Tee, Magical Dreams Tee, Dream Tee, My Dreams Tee, My Unicorn Tee, Unicorn Sparkle Tee
Crystal Lycan
 [04/22 10:12:29PM]

Unicorn Dreams
Vanessa Doell
 [04/22 9:39:47PM]

Don’t be basic, magic tee
Belinda Farrell
 [04/22 8:31:39PM]

Unicorn Squad
Belinda Farrell
 [04/22 8:30:30PM]

Obviously, a unicorn tee
Belinda Farrell
 [04/22 8:29:07PM]

Mystical Unicorn tee
Melanie Goldberg
 [04/22 8:19:24PM]

Don't stop believing
Stacey Sambirsky
 [04/22 7:53:25PM]

Shimmer and Shine tee, Shimmer, Glimmer and Shine tee
Celeste Kallis
 [04/22 7:42:43PM]

Happily Ever After Tee, Once Upon a Unicorn Tee,
Tracey Marcil
 [04/22 7:19:27PM]

Abracadabra Tee
Courtney Johnson
 [04/22 7:06:59PM]

Whimsical Tee
Sarah Skillen
 [04/22 7:05:45PM]

BeYou Believe🦄
Renate Barnard
 [04/22 7:04:30PM]

Fancy free unicorn
Cindy Reguly
 [04/22 6:49:50PM]

Unique-Orn T
Sarah Paciocco
 [04/22 6:47:47PM]

Unique-Corn T
Sarah Paciocco
 [04/22 6:46:29PM]

Magical unicorn
Bobbi Terrell
 [04/22 6:18:37PM]

Anick Leger
 [04/22 6:07:04PM]

Magestic Unicorn Tee
Melissa Tucker
 [04/22 5:58:02PM]

Mystical tee, Magical T, Uni-T, just believe tee, unicorn love,
Natalie Postuma
 [04/22 5:54:50PM]

Glitter Magic
Michelle Clouter
 [04/22 5:50:24PM]

Glitter Glam Tee
Heather Vita
 [04/22 5:39:01PM]

Dream Big
Barbara Benner
 [04/22 5:37:19PM]

Wish and Whimsy Tee
Cara Scholl
 [04/22 5:01:09PM]

Make Believe Unicorn Tee
Cara Scholl
 [04/22 4:59:42PM]

Believe In Me Unicorn Tee
Cara Scholl
 [04/22 4:57:28PM]

Fanciful & Free Unicorn Tee
Cara Scholl
 [04/22 4:56:36PM]

Magic Charm Tee
Lesley Skinner
 [04/22 4:46:17PM]

Shine Bright Tee
Lesley Skinner
 [04/22 4:38:12PM]

Magical Adventure tee, Feelin’ Magical tee, Magical Unicorn tee, Magic Vibes tee, unicorn vibes tee, Believe in Unicorns tee, So magical tee, She Believed Tee, Just Believe tee
Angela Smiley
 [04/22 4:28:59PM]

Under my Spell Tee
Lesley Skinner
 [04/22 4:28:48PM]

In a world of horses be a unicorn, always believe, unicorn sparkles
Michaela Barcena
 [04/22 4:03:24PM]

Fancy Fantasy Tee
Lesley Skinner
 [04/22 4:01:36PM]

Dream, Believe, Achieve Tee
Lesley Skinner
 [04/22 3:50:49PM]

Supernatural, Under my Spell, Mythical Soul, Believe Believe
Jennifer Stafford
 [04/22 3:38:11PM]

Sparkle magic unicorn t-shirt
Alissa matheson
 [04/22 3:20:42PM]

Sparkle Wherever You Go
Lesley Skinner
 [04/22 3:20:23PM]

Magic in a tee
Celeste Kallis
 [04/22 3:18:34PM]

Unicorn magic in a tee
Celeste Kallis
 [04/22 3:18:15PM]

Magically Hip Tee
Lesley Skinner
 [04/22 3:17:18PM]

Unicorn glitter tee
Celeste Kallis
 [04/22 3:11:38PM]

Glitter full of magic
Celeste Kallis
 [04/22 3:10:32PM]

Kirby Schulz
 [04/22 3:09:50PM]

Rainbow magic tee
Celeste Kallis
 [04/22 3:07:37PM]

Marina Paternoster
 [04/22 3:01:17PM]

Believe in Me tee
Stephanie conti
 [04/22 2:47:45PM]

Lil Mystical
Linda Babnell
 [04/22 2:45:41PM]

Magical tee
Stacey Kosturos
 [04/22 2:37:31PM]

The Power of Magic Tee
Brooke Derksen
 [04/22 2:24:07PM]

Unicorn Flare Tee
Brooke Derksen
 [04/22 2:22:03PM]

Don't Stop Believing Tee
Brooke Derksen
 [04/22 2:20:58PM]

Unicorn Dreams Tee
Brooke Derksen
 [04/22 2:20:00PM]

Do You Believe in Magic?
Brooke Derksen
 [04/22 2:19:38PM]

I Believe in Magic Tee
Brooke Derksen
 [04/22 2:19:11PM]

Rainbow Unicorn Magic
Ashli Owen
 [04/22 2:04:48PM]

Just Believe Tee
Michelle McCarthy
 [04/22 1:57:25PM]

Rainbow Hair, Don’t Care Tee
Belinda Farrell
 [04/22 1:56:47PM]

Carla Whittier
 [04/22 1:56:19PM]

Unicorn dreamz, Make Believe Tee
Laura Leblanc
 [04/22 1:29:18PM]

Mythical Magic
Jamie Fanous
 [04/22 12:45:56PM]

Magical Tee
Moira Swiatek
 [04/22 12:13:00PM]

Unicorn Dreams
Natalie Carmichael
 [04/22 12:12:44PM]

Be-Live Magic, Always Believe Tee, You-nicorn, Always Sparkle, Unicorn Magic
Brenda Villena
 [04/22 11:40:54AM]

Unicorn Magic
Kyleigh Gabriel
 [04/22 11:39:10AM]

Unicorns do Exist!
Niki McCrindle
 [04/22 11:39:00AM]

Magic happens
Vicky McCahon
 [04/22 11:21:43AM]

Unicorn Squad, Unicorn Queen, Be Magical Me, Little Miss Magic, Enchanted Life, I believe in unicorns, Always Believe, Sparkle Wherever you go, Stay Magical, Enchanted Girl,
Kirby Schulz
 [04/22 11:16:43AM]

My little unicorn, Fairytale Tee, Magic Mane, Once upon a unicorn
Ashley Jones
 [04/22 11:09:03AM]

Mystical Magic Tee
Calyssa Skeggs
 [04/22 11:01:35AM]

Be magical t-shirt
Elizabeth Antao
 [04/22 11:00:11AM]

Don’t Stop Believin’ Tee
Tia Fouillard
 [04/22 10:58:22AM]

Unicorn believer tee
Natalie Blastorah
 [04/22 10:57:53AM]

Something Nice Tee
Courtney walsh
 [04/22 10:53:59AM]

Wee Believe
Rhonda Jarvis
 [04/22 10:52:05AM]

Gerri Toews
 [04/22 10:43:08AM]

Feelin’ Magical!
Lori Nicholls
 [04/22 10:42:42AM]

She believes in unicorns, unicorns are magic and girls are too
Jennifer Barone
 [04/22 10:40:31AM]

Twilight Sparkles
Tracy Chapin
 [04/22 10:18:53AM]

Born Unicorn, Unicorn in a field of horses
Nicole Tkachuk
 [04/22 10:17:41AM]

Don’t stop believing
Rebecca Baker
 [04/22 10:10:50AM]

I Am Magic
Charlene Bissonnette
 [04/22 10:09:22AM]

Do You Believe in Magic Tee
Tia Fouillard
 [04/22 10:04:58AM]

Into the Mystic Tee The Magical Mystery Tee The Magestic Tee Made for Magic Tee Be-You-nicorn Tee
Sara Lotter
 [04/22 10:04:31AM]

Sparkle wherever you go; You are magical like a unicorn; I’m a unicorn darling; You were born to be a unicorn; Believe in magic and yourself; Every little thing she does is magic; Stay magical; Can we just be unicorns today?
Alanna Hermans
 [04/22 9:59:52AM]

Once Upon a Unicorn
Crystal Schouten
 [04/22 9:53:30AM]

Unicorn dreams
Erin Stoesz
 [04/22 9:51:59AM]

unique-corn magic top
Kristy Arseneau
 [04/22 9:50:02AM]

Making Magic Tee
Adrienne Saler
 [04/22 9:48:27AM]

Unicorn Dust Tee
Megan Drope
 [04/22 9:48:05AM]

“Be Magical”
 [04/22 9:42:25AM]

Unicornutopia, My Little Princess, Magic is Real, Fairytales are True
Sara Ahronheim Koffman
 [04/22 9:32:44AM]

Magically Delicuous Unicorn tee
Nicole Smith
 [04/22 9:31:24AM]

Majestic magic
Stephanie Guertin
 [04/22 9:31:08AM]

 [04/22 9:30:18AM]

U Need Me unicorn tee ,
Nicole Smith
 [04/22 9:29:49AM]

Unicorn magic
Celeste Kallis
 [04/22 9:29:30AM]

Uni-que Believers Tee, Uni-Tee, Uni-Magic Tee, YOUnicorn Magic Tee, Unique-corn Magic Tee
Coral McLennan
 [04/22 9:29:18AM]

Magical Unicorn tee
Danielle D’Sena
 [04/22 9:27:56AM]

Believe in Magic, Once upon a Time, Wishes and Dreams, Glitter Dust
Lonita Reilly
 [04/22 9:26:43AM]

Wish upon a Unicorn
 [04/22 9:25:33AM]

Believe in Me tee. Set you Free tee. Be UNIque. Unique-orn.
Megan Finnamore
 [04/22 9:23:32AM]

U-ni-corn this magical shirt
Kayla Korska
 [04/22 9:23:27AM]

Uni-que tee, Uni-Tee
Jessica Heywood
 [04/22 9:22:41AM]

Magical Unicorn Tee, All About the Unicorn Tee, This Magic Moment Tee, Right to the Point Tee, Believe in Yourself Tee, You've Got the Magic Tee,
Tracey Marcil
 [04/22 9:20:34AM]

Uni-can make your dreams come true, daydream believer, unicorns and dreams, dream unicorn big
Louise vukas
 [04/22 9:20:23AM]

Believe Tee
Shayla Nykolaishen
 [04/22 9:19:16AM]

I Believe in Me Tee
Amanda Rogers
 [04/22 9:17:21AM]

Unique-orn Magic Tee
Amanda Rogers
 [04/22 9:16:07AM]

One of a Kind Tee
Amanda Rogers
 [04/22 9:14:03AM]

True Believer tee
Kathryn Graveline
 [04/22 9:12:32AM]

Maker of Dreams; Majestic Wonder; Rainbows and Dreams; Dreams and Rainbows; Unicorns Believe; Always Believe.
Amy Pillage
 [04/22 9:11:43AM]

You just gotta Believe Tee
Stephanie Yule
 [04/22 9:08:36AM]

Stephanie Eby
 [04/22 9:07:50AM]

Unicorn kisses tee
Sabrina Chapman
 [04/22 9:07:11AM]

Fairytale dreams
Shanna Oliver
 [04/22 9:05:34AM]

Abracadabra Tee
Pam Ralston
 [04/22 9:04:03AM]

Magical Tee, #unicornlove, Do you Believe in Magic Tee,
Megan Curry
 [04/22 9:02:27AM]

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