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Halloween – Baby Grandma Costume
October 12, 2017

I Dress Myself Halloween – Baby Grandma Costume

So what is this Halloween business all about anyway? Mom says it’s a day of the year where you get to dress up in whatever costume you like. I’m all for playing dress-up, but when Mom said we were gonna dress up like my Grandma Jean for Halloween, I was not feelin’ it. That is, until she showed me the super awesome outfit I would be wearing!

Halloween - Baby Grandma Costume

Two seconds in this super soft and comfy outfit were all I needed to get right into character and never wanna take it off! First, she dressed me in my favourite onesie for crawling, the Little Lovely Onesie. Next, she put me in the Sweet Tweet Leggings (I laughed and kicked my feet the whole time). After, she put on my favourite sweater, the Sweet as Sugar Cardigan…Personally, I think this one was named after me. Finally, she put on my go-to pink Darling Socks and away I went!

Halloween - Baby Grandma Costume

Next came the fun part. Mom took one of my old beanies from when I was just a newborn and said she used something called a glue stick and cotton balls to make my wig look like Grandma Jean’s hair. The finishing touch was when she used an old pair of glasses and glued on a pretty pearl chain from my sister’s dress-up box to make me the coolest pair of glasses I’ve ever seen!

Halloween - Baby Grandma Costume

I looked in the mirror and..woa! I was a spitting image of Grandma Jean. I think I could get used to this whole Halloween thing…especially if I get to keep wearing these clothes!

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